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Greatest Wars Advertising from Greatest Brands

Greatest Wars Advertising from Greatest Brands

The wars between the greatest brands have been seen for a long time. In this era, the biggest brands are looking for the same audience but at different levels. Increasing the competition in the market, brands are looking for the best ads strategy to get traffic and enhancement customers. 

Why the biggest brands are fighting?

Simple they want to be on top. Making sure you stand out from the crowd is an important part of brand marketing and the competition is becoming more intense by the day. This constant battle to be the best sometimes causes a little friction between brands, which can even lead to a so-called brand war.

This advertising battle between brands frequently becomes very serious, with brands putting all of their efforts into bullying the other. And it is only at this point that the true purpose of advertising is revealed.

Battles between brands are always entertaining to watch. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the decade’s most interesting and intriguing advertising wars between brands in this article. Let’s get this party started!

1) Pepsi vs Coke

Pepsi Advertisment

How did Pepsi create the ad with the use of the 2 can of Coke? The boy went to the vending machine and he need a Pepsi can, unfortunately, he was not able to reach to select the Pepsi. So, the boy purchased the 2 cokes can and he kept them on the ground, Then he stood on the coke can and purchased the Pepsi can. It portrays that Children are seeking Pepsi more than coke. Watch the video to get more understanding.

How did Coke respond?

Coke Advertisement

Same as Pepsi but in coke ads, a child hasn’t bought a coke from the vending machine instead they already have it in the fridge. The child hasn’t reached the coke can, they take the Pepsi can from the second self and keep them on the ground, then he stood upon the Pepsi can and takes the coke can. Afterwards, he kept the Pepsi can at its respective place. Watch the video to get more understanding.

2) BMW vs Audi

BMW and Audi, the two most luxurious and distinguished car brands, are fierce competitors. Audi and BMW have always been fierce competitors, whether it’s a new car model or an award show. These two have never been able to settle down!


The biggest battle between these two was when Audi launched its ‘Your Move,

BMW vs Audi

BMW’ Billboard, which was quickly followed by BMW’s “Checkmate” Billboard, which proved to be even bigger than before.

BMW vs Audi

Their battle intensified when Audi, with an R8, placed a billboard that read, “Your pawn is no match for our king,”

BMW vs Audi

next to BMW’s. BMW’s response was “Game Over,” with the F1 car.

The battle between BMW and Audi is a never-ending chess match between the two solid and largest car brands.

3) McDonald’s vs Burger King

McDonald’s and Burger King, the world’s two largest fast-food corporations, are also rivals. Burger King is usually the first to strike. They keep it simple but clear in this example. They know it’s wrong to pick on someone who isn’t your size, but they still do it. Clever.

4) Durex vs The Rest

Durex is a brand that isn’t afraid to experiment with new marketing techniques. That’s probably why they decided to take on all of their competitors in an advertising battle rather than just one. They cleverly warn everyone who purchased the competition’s condoms in a very simple but bold poster. Very creative and, more importantly, effective.

5) Samsung vs Apple

The brand war between Apple and Samsung can get heated at times. What’s telling is that many of the brand’s most trusted fans also heel turn online. In the preceding example, Samsung opens fire by claiming that their new phone outperforms the iPhone 5. Apple responded quickly by simply using the same artwork in its favour.

6 Kingfisher Airlines vs Jet Airways

Through a billboard, Jet Airways informed the audience that ‘They have changed.’ Kingfisher wasted no time in retaliating, saying, ‘We made them change.

GoAir decided to step in further

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